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How to Be a Positive Factor in Opiate Addiction Recovery Statistics

Understanding Opiate Addiction Recovery Statistics and Making the Decision to End Long Term Use of Opiates...   The numbers reflecting opiate abuse and overdose are unfortunately astounding. Opiates have become increasingly popular, so much so that as of 2016, opiate overdose was the leading c... Read More

Tallahassee Programs for Substance Abuse

A Discussion about Tallahassee Programs for Substance Abuse...   While it may seem impossible, it is possible to become sober. It may be very difficult at times but you are never alone. Connect with Tallahassee programs for substance abuse now for help at (877) 804-1531. A single phone... Read More

Drug Addiction Intervention

Drug Addiction Intervention...   The National Institute on Drug Abuse describe addiction as a chronic" relapsing brain disease that drive compulsive and uncontrollably behavior. In reality, the psychological impairment from habituated substance abuse can so severely hijack rational thinking pr... Read More

Women's Drug Rehab in Tallahassee

Both men and women suffer from the scourge of drug addiction, but women face a number of additional challenges as they try to get clean and sober. The subject of women's drug rehab is a complicated one, and there are many moving parts to consider. If someone in your life is struggling with drug addi... Read More

Tallahassee Alcohol Abuse Rehab

An estimated 33 percent of Americans suffer from an alcohol abuse disorder. However, only one-fifth of all people who have an alcohol problem seek treatment for it. A person may be hesitant to seek treatment for many reasons. First, they may not think their problem is as significant as another's. Th... Read More

Tallahassee Drug Abuse Rehab

For decades, drug abuse has posed a threat to millions of Americans on a daily basis. Abuse and addiction result in self-destructive behaviors that affect not only the user but his or her family members and friends, and extreme cases of drug abuse can even result in death by overdose. While addictiv... Read More

Tallahassee MDMA Addiction Rehab

Despite the debate over the addictive nature of the drug, there is enough evidence to suggest that prolonged MDMA (or Molly) use causes a psychological dependency that can be classified as "highly addictive." If a person is experiencing craving or a loss of control on when and how much they use, the... Read More

Flakka Taking Over in Florida

Alpha-PVP, a fairly new drug created in laboratories also known as "flakka" or "gravel," has been seen throughout Florida in the past year. This synthetic drug is highly addictive and cause hyperthermia, aggressive behavior and adrenaline-like strength. It has largely become a substitute for crack c... Read More

Effects of Alcohol Abuse

You may feel like you have a handle on your drinking habit, but alcohol abuse isn't always a textbook situation. A few drinks a day turns into several dozen, debilitating both your work and personal life. The effect of alcohol addiction is widespread, affecting your physical body and mental health. ... Read More

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