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Despite the debate over the addictive nature of the drug, there is enough evidence to suggest that prolonged MDMA (or Molly) use causes a psychological dependency that can be classified as "highly addictive." If a person is experiencing craving or a loss of control on when and how much they use, then they are addicted psychologically, even if the drug is out of their system. In addition, the way it affects body temperature is risky enough to make sure that people are supervised when detoxing. Tallahassee MDMA addiction rehab gives individuals the tools to live without the drug and the psychological dependence they have on it.

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It's Not Just Molly

Another potential health risk when taking Molly is that it's not always taken alone. Sometimes the formulations contain other drugs that the person is unaware they are ingesting. Other times, the drug is taken with alcohol or other drugs that are available on the "party" scene. Drugs that are often combined with ecstasy include cocaine or bath salts. Many of the drugs cut into ecstasy are themselves very dangerous and can lead to adverse health effects. However, even combining it with marijuana or alcohol can lead to unintended damage to the body or serious side effects. MDMA is known to increase risk-taking behavior due to the fact that it seems to give the person an increase a feeling of empathy and closeness associated with sexual situations. Thus, the person who takes the drug may be more likely to engage in risky sex and end up with AIDS or hepatitis. The same behavior is true of cocaine, another drug commonly combined with ecstasy.

Effects of Using MDMA

MDMA is commonly abused for recreational purposes. The substance produces heightened sensory effects, which is why the substance is often used in raves, nightclubs, dance parties or house parties. Users experience a sense of euphoria during the initial Ecstasy rush. The compound artificially stimulates the brain to release a flood of dopamine into the body that users interpret as an overwhelming sense of happiness and well-being. The drug induces mild auditory and visual hallucinations that make colors and sounds seem more enhanced. Some users report feeling more sociable and empathetic towards others while under the effects of the drug.

Getting Help

Inpatient rehab will help to keep a patient hydrated at all times and some might administer Dantrolene sodium three times a day to help regulate the muscle rigidity and body temperature fluctuations.

Outpatient rehab support can offer psychological counseling and education on the dangers of the drug so that a patient knows how to avoid getting caught up in addictive behaviors and is aware of the health risks. Other types of help that are offered in rehab are meetings and group counseling session to help a person who needs to address the dynamics of addiction and the long-term social effects on their friends, employer, and family relationships.

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