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An estimated 33 percent of Americans suffer from an alcohol abuse disorder. However, only one-fifth of all people who have an alcohol problem seek treatment for it.

A person may be hesitant to seek treatment for many reasons. First, they may not think their problem is as significant as another's. They may also be in denial they have a problem at all. Others may not know where to get help or fear what would happen if they did stop drinking. As an increasing number of Americans are experiencing alcohol use disorders, it's important to identify problem drinking behaviors and seek Tallahassee alcohol abuse rehab when possible.

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Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

Not all people with an alcohol use disorder are alcoholics, or people who are physically addicted to alcohol. Instead, there are people who excessively drink alcohol seemingly every time they drink (known as binge drinkers) or those who use alcohol to enable themselves to make poor decisions.

Signs you may have a problem with alcohol include:

  • You engage in dangerous or risky behaviors, such as sexual behaviors, driving while drinking or getting into fights.
  • You always seem to drink much more on an outing than you intended to.
  • You frequently forget the events of the night before when you were drinking.
  • You start to neglect other responsibilities in favor of drinking.
  • People around you have expressed concern regarding your drinking.
  • You have experienced problems with the law regarding your drinking.
  • You think of drinking as your only way to relax and de-stress.

Reasons to Seek Treatment

While it can be difficult and sometimes scary to admit you have a problem drinking, excessive drinking can be dangerous to your health and relationships with others. According to "Prevention" magazine, excess alcohol consumption is the third-leading cause of preventable deaths and is responsible for 80,000 deaths in the United States annually.

If you or someone you know shows signs of an alcohol use disorder, you can contact your physician, who can likely refer you to an alcohol treatment facility or program to begin the recovery process. You can also search for a local rehabilitation center or Alcoholics Anonymous group, which can provide support and mentorship.

Make a decision to change by calling Tallahassee substance abuse centers. You can also visit your local Alcoholics Anonymous (http://www.aa.org/pages/en_US/find-aa-resources) for more support.

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